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About Us

Sales Edge Group is a leading business growth company in Australia, providing digital business transformation, customer experience management and innovative services from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations.

SEG touches every sector, small to large scale industries. We are an end to end business growth company. We will increase efficiency, strengthen team relationships, improve client interactions and relationships while ensuring early business productivity, volume and retention.

We apply pragmatism to ensure Your "Go to Market" strategy will have the maximum impact.

We look to the following areas:

  • Get the sale – how good are you and how much more can you improve?
  • Deliver and do the work – how effective and efficient are your process and how can we improve them?
  • Getting paid or rewarded for your work – after you have delivered what is your cash flow like and money collection etc.,?
  • Find the next piece of work? How good are you at building your pipeline and lining up your work?
  • Top of mind awareness building – How good are you at promoting how effective and good you are at your business and work so that people consider you first when making a buying decision?
  • Lead generation – how good are you at finding leads and following them up to build business opportunity?

We build 100% dedicated teams and partner closely with You to deliver a transparent and totally accountable solution with a focus on the matrix, training and the use of the latest technology in sales.

SEG can transform your team culture and help you plan for a successful future, help you engage partners and resellers while getting your sales team structured and ready to CLOSE.

Our goal is to generate revenue for You while designing and executing a solution that will ensure positive growth for years to come.

We are successful and create strong customer partnerships across the globe. Our vision is to be your trusted partner in business growth and process improvement.

What can you expect From SEG?

Work Experience in different scenarios:

Good is not sufficient ….Fantastic and WOW is what we are after... We work to innovate and we think outside the square.

Excellent Performance

We are energetic, enthusiastic and eager - we achieve objectives. We take it on and get it done.

Fast service

We identify "low hanging fruit" with you and aim to achieve some small targets within the first three starting months.

Broad contacts

We are able to communicate at all levels of your business in a way that makes sense to your team. We build rapport and engagement quickly..

Speedy Thinkers, Fast service

We are on your side, we listen, we ask questions, we will push the limits with your permission, we maintain constant follow up and we move at a pace that allows your team to grow.


We take responsibility, we do not promise what we cannot deliver. We believe in transparency. We are realistic about timeframes and goals.

Crystal Clear Policies

Every project is different but there are common frameworks that are applied to work, jobs and process. One size does not fit all. We work with you to build success.

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