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Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing can be a profitable strategy.

The concept is all about to do what you can do better, more effectively or with greater efficiency. The transfer of the business process, sales function or other business function to an outside expert including overhead expenditures for coaching, equipment, payroll, recruitment, commissions and management responsibilities on certain terms and conditions called business or commercial outsourcing can be a great success if approached and considered with the correct vision in mind. If used for a simple cost saving exercise it can lead to dramatic and damaging effects on your business.

The responsibility of the sourcing provider is to handle the business, commercial or sales team and mitigate the targets for the customers.

Often SME considers Sales outsourcing which has delivered some tremendous results in the last few years.

Companies in Australia are now suffering due to old and outdated processes and looking forward to implementing modern business, operations and sales techniques.

Outsourced sales Benefits

The first and foremost reason outsource sales is cost cutting. Once the policies of outsourcing are streamlined organizations look forward to implement in broad level so as to leverage performances and processes.

Minimized direct costs

It has inferred that the economies of scale realized by a third party at minimizing direct costs than the real manufacturer. The fact is the third party is free to implement its cost cutting methodologies and take the sales operation at a fast pace. Sales outsourcing for start-ups operate highly recommendable as the start-ups on low running capital and the concept of sales outsourcing help them in managing funds for future core process developments.

Minimized opportunity expenditures

It has observed that focused sales outsourced projects give better lead conversions. The sales volume increases rapidly in all directions clashing with all sorts of regional and geographical deficiencies.

Fixed cost converts to Variable costs

In case financial crisis hits the market, the companies associated with third party outsourcing can easily manage as they work on contract basis. Moreover, the manufacturers also play safe as the overhead of manpower also diminishes simply by detaching the contract with the outsourcing provider abiding by the rules and regulations.

Rapid business development

It’s convenient to identify the process gaps or loopholes in the concept outsourcing as the management is divided. It’s easier for the sales manager to locate the issue and eradicate it instantly. Moreover, the sales experts are aware of all sorts of market risks and understand the surroundings well as they are focused only on the sales part. So at any point of crisis, they are prone to adopt survival without hampering the manpower’s dignity or value.

What's Next?

So if you are a company and you have realized that the sales is not your cup of tea then give SEG a call.

We’re here as a service provider to help you focus on your core business areas.

We take charge, and run through a review and mentoring process to build an effective and relevant sales process and service.

Apart from using traditional methods we have an expert digital team who can take your turn over to the next level in no time.

So are you really worried about your sales capacity? Just login to our website and let us know when you want to get together.

Lead Generation

As an end to end sales solutions company, lead generation is a crucial part. Our clients thrive simply because we can provide detailed data in the market segment in which they operate. Sales edge group can express the term “lead generation” as the marketing process of stimulating and capturing the customer interest in a particular product or service.

SEG Digital channels are the powerful key to lead generation and has been going through substantial changes for last few couple of years since the rise of new online facilities and social techniques.


Sales edge group knows the importance of lead generation for their customers. Nowadays, the purchasing procedure has changed, and advertisers need to discover better approaches to achieving purchasers and get heard the commotion. As opposed to discovering clients with mass promoting and email impacts, advertisers should now concentrate on being discovered and figure out how to fabricate nonstop associations with purchasers.


A buyer is more clued up than ever before. You’ve got to be ready to ask open questions and learn to LISTEN.


What is a lead? It is an opportunity to meet with someone who may have some useful information or be able to provide useful information – it is not a request for a proposal – do not get confused with this as most sales managers are!

Once you have a meeting set up with a lead make sure that your first meeting is one of just presenting the company. You are not there to sell. You are there to convert the lead to an opportunity that the lead can be a prospect with a potential requirement for your services or goods. You have been a lead converter and your job now is to go to a salesman and set them up to sell a deal.

These functions are quite distinct and most business fails to work with these discrete areas of expertise in mind.


Lead Generation, Lead Conversion

Our Strategic end-to-end lead generation process, lead generation services designed to help your business get new customers; get your sales executives to relevant meetings and help you grow your business.

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