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Customer Experience Management

We believe the move towards customer experience and expectation management requires a commitment from the senior management. We help you get there.

The enablers for success include:
  • Culture change and Process Change

  • Development of a Customer Journey/Customer Experience Mapping

    The customer journey unfolds every minute of every day, every time they interact with the university. This means systems and processes have to understand the customer, what they are trying to accomplish (why do they want to engage with us and join our community), how are they trying to accomplish it and how can we do a much better job of responding and creating a great experience for them.
  • Customer engagement and feedback

    Commonly customer experience and expectation management is known as CX and focuses on a key requirement and that is to listen to the voice of the customer. This is probably the most important thing to look at.
  • Analytics

    It is vital to aim to work with this broader, Big Data-driven interpretation of the voice of the customer as it is the most relevant way to understand the customer journey. This vision of simplicity, ease of service and focused response to “my particular need” is supported by recent surveys including NICE Customer Experience Survey, 2013 which showed that customers want to expend as little effort as possible during service interactions; 96% of customers reward low effort with greater loyalty. Additionally, in a survey conducted by Forrester (Forrester Research, Inc., June 10, 2014) , nearly 80% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing an organisation can do to provide them with good customer service.
  • Effortless Service

    In the program the strategic focus is at Effortless Service as this is a universal influence on customer experience and expectation management. Customers must be able to self-serve on demand but also contact someone to help with ease.
  • Flexibility

    Flexibility in the designs and solutions is vital and not optional. A recognition that the customers don’t take the same path, and they don’t think the same way as you.
A customer should always experience his or her journey as a seamless and cohesive experience, but behind the scenes, the technology has to be flexible enough to follow and support whatever path their journey takes. It is service consistency and process adaptability that should strive for in this vision of customer expectation management.

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