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Digital Business Transformation

We aim to make the transition of a business to making best use of the digital ecosphere a learning exercise. We believe your success can be brought about by great and effective deployment of digital tools and process. We have been very successful helping business with digital business transformations over previous years. We understand the changes in consumer buying patterns and the increased use of digital platforms to make buying decisions.

We achieve outstanding results because we have industry experts who specialise in digital transformations – Digital Business Transformation is evolution, we are entering into a different era of market positioning and all our clients agree that to evolve and take advantage now will have an positive impact on their bottom line and plunge business into prosperity and an useful tool to align the whole organisation for the future.

Digital Business Transformation is Organizational Change through the use of Digital Technologies to materially Improve Performance.

A digital business transformation is digital because it is built on a foundation of technology. This is distinct from other potential transformation drivers such as political, social, cultural, or economic shifts.

For the moment, four technologies are most commonly associated with digital business transformation.
  • Tools and applications- Analytics
  • Tools and applications- Mobile
  • Platforms upon which to build shareable digital capabilities.
  • Social media, SEO and Web Presence
SEG has the ability to materially improve performance. These improvements can come in a number of different areas. Indeed, it is a mistake to restrict the assessment of performance to a single metric. Broadly speaking, performance improvements can be organized into 6 areas:
  • Revenue
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge sharing and use
  • Organizational agility
  • Stakeholder insights
  • Customer engagement and service

Companies come to us with the objective of using digital transformation to increase revenue, but this may not be the primary benefit, at least not directly, common digital platforms and internal social media tools can be very effective at improving knowledge dissemination and sharing throughout an organization. Further, the effective use of performance management analytics can lead to more efficient use of time and resources, and thus reduce costs.

The most successful digital business transformation programs are characterized by strategic clarity around objectives that are clearly communicated throughout the organization. They receive strong, top-down commitment from senior leadership, and they are appropriately resourced. Digital business transformation typically can't be achieved without significant investment in digital capabilities, which may include big data initiatives, common digital platforms, and development resources for mobile apps and social media sites.

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